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Maria K
Karlie’s Mom

My daughter went to All About Kids (Nora & Anthony) from newborn to 5 years old. She is now 10 and she still talks about how much she enjoyed her time with Nora. When she was a newborn Nora was great with accommodating our choice to breastfeed. She worked with us and feeding our daughter our expressed breastmilk. Nora helped my daughter form her first friendship. All About Kids taught them how to play together from infancy. We were lucky the girls grew up side by side and are best friends to this day because of the age appropriate activities they enjoyed together at Nora's. I will be forever grateful we found such a wonderful warm, professional caregiver for our daughter.

Josh Harrington
Michelle and Michael’s Dad

Had both my kids at Nora'sy youngest as an infant. Nora and Anthony were more than just daycare providers, they were family. Both Children were there for several years and they lOVE Nora and Anthony. My wife and I are 3zo3cting a baby girl in March and absolutely intend to have her with Nora.

Jaclyn Wickline
Dean’s Mom

Nora and Anthony were a God send for me when I was trying to find a daycare for my youngest son. I had been through a rough time and the last in home daycare we tried, the woman told me she couldn’t do it after 2 weeks. I had never been through such a thing. And as a working mom I was now stressed and worried about finding Dean a suitable and more comfortable environment. Then I found Nora and Anthony! They were genuine and made us both feel comfortable. I’m a mom of 6 and have dealt with so many daycare centers and in home sitters. Nora and Anthony at All About Kids are the best. If you want to know your child is being properly cared for and cared about, this is the right place. The kids get educated too! And they help with potty training! Thank you so much Nora and Anthony!

Vishik’s Mom

We were so glad we got referred to Nora’s place. Nora and Anthony were amazing. So courteous and patient with kids. We were apprehensive to send our son to a commercial day care and wanted a day care which was a home away from home. Nora and Anthony made sure we were comfortable before we decided to send our son. We were even allowed to see how they operate and they were very transparent. We are ever grateful to you both for taking care of vishik. Thank you and good luck.

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